Wednesday, September 28, 2005

CIV Fans

I found out today that there is a free civilization project out there
Freeciv. The controls are a bit weird as compared to previous versions. Especially if you are trying to play on a laptop, then movement is tough with the number keys, but otherwise its pretty cool (guess one could always be unlazy and remap the movement keys under options, but I'm not addicted yet)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some thoughts on cars and gas mileage.

I consider myself a conservative and I consider myself an avid environmentalist. Two things that some see as contradictory but that I don't. Of the liberals, democrats and socialists, that I work with none can rightly call themselves an environmentalist. I base this absolute on many conversations, but my recent experience after having bought a car really firmed up my opinion.
My previous car a used mercedes got about 28 mpg, it had a small engine. Something for which several of my fellow employees told me I needed to upgrade when I got another car. So my mercedes started to have problems and I decided to replace it. I refuse to buy a new car (another topic on fiscal responsibility for another time) so after a month of searching and bidding I won a 96 jaguar (V6) on ebay for $2600 it had @110,000 miles and the blue book was up around $5500. Quite a steal in my eyes, not so hot on the gas mileage with about 24 mpg, but due to the low price and my plan to resell it eventually I could live with that.

What's the first thing I hear from one of my coworker's, "It's only a V6 man would have been nice if it was a V8 or V12"

Here's the list of cars that my 5 peers at work who are all 23-28 years old are driving.

1. BMW SUV, and sometimes a mercedes E 500 (which he gets 12 mpg in)
2. Ford Explorer
3. Super charged Cobra
4. A ridiculously overpowered infinti, which he burns the breaks out on every 9,000 miles because he drives like such a maniac.
5. Some toyota SUV thing. (he just bought this and decided he had to get an SUV because they are "safer". friggin idiot)

6. My boss over 30, but he recently bought a subaru wrx that gives him 18 mpg.

These people are all highly educated engineers, including an MIT PHD, two RPI grads, and a WPI grad and all they are interested in is getting ridiculous power out of wasteful cars.

Recently my boss had some derisive comments about someone who we contracted work out to, not because he did a bad job, but because my boss found out that the guy drove a small kia.

These are the same people who will lecture me all day on how evil Bush is because he didn't sign kyoto. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Bush doesn't suck on the environment, because he does. But I just can't handle hypocrites who believe in their own superiority while not practicing one iota of what they preach.

There's a baskin robbins next to the Starbucks that I frequent. I went there with my girfried this past weekend for the first time ever. There appeared to be only one employee and after waiting for about 5 minutes we both came to the same conclusion that the rear counter was totally trashed and noticing a fly buzzing around we just left. I'm normally not someone to freak out about a mess but this was real bad. Tonight when we pulled into the starbucks parking lot we grabbed a spot right in front of the baskin robbins, as I'm opening my door to get out of the car, my girlfriend turns to me and says is that guy smoking. Sure enough the employee at the baskin robbins is smoking a cigarette behind the counter. I felt both disgusted and validated at having walked out of a place that was so trashed.

Monday, September 19, 2005

One of my friends sent out a link to cunningrealist.blogspot.com in specific reference to his great game article from today.

What follows is my response to his solicitaion for discussion on the story.

While I'm not an expert on the financial markets. I did read this book

When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital

and I have to say that the report by "a respected investment house" reads earily similar to an x-files/conspiracy theory story. But instead of one propogated by a right-wing crazy holed up in a cave in idaho, one written by a group of leftist anti-american government canadiens.

Furthermore the "report by the respected investment house" looks more like sales literature from a small hedge fund which has not been around for very long.

As far as his oil analysis goes, I have a major problem with the LOGIC that compares gas price spikes due to a major storm with hyper inflation in germany and nazism. And that's all I have to say about that.

I'd appreciate hearing one or both of the financial guru's opinions on this as well.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Week 2 of the nfl season. I spent 63 minutes on the treadmill at the gym watching the pats game. I don't have a TV (by choice, I figure with out one I can get a lot more done) so I retreat to the gym on Sunday afternoons. Dissappointing to see them get beaten like that, hopefully they won't drop so many passes during the rest of the year, that display of alligator arms was sad. And penalties from the o-line were ridiculous. Ben Watson is very impressive, he could be the best TE in football within the next 2 years, he's got blazing speed and looks to have good hands, hopefully they will use him more.

In between plays I was switching to the Eagles/49ers game. Man do the 49ers look bad. They look worse than a college football team. And if they beat the rams then the rams and that whole division are looking like a total joke. And Green Bay is looking real bad.

Looking at the fantasy stat lines it looks like culpepper may be being exposed for a fraud without randy moss. I'll reserve judgement until moss turns collins into a probowler, which may just happen.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I recently have gotten into Blood Bowl via http://fummbl.com Cool ass game. It's got a myriad of strategies and team types, long term "career" development, and head to head play. Several of the more important qualities that a game can have as far as I'm concerened.

I bought a nice cup from Starbucks a while ago. It's a nice looking cup and it is a great thermal insulator. But I rarely bring it to sbux for my morning fix even with that 10 cent discount. The reason being that the design is total shit. The seal is a gasket that pops out, so if you aren't careful the nice screwed on lid can leak. It looks like on the newer versions they fixed this by switching to an o-ring seal and changing the seal surface. But the big thing is that the cup doesn't fit in my cupholder in my car. The design has a nice little flair on the bottom of maye 1 cm in diameter which is just enough to make this cup close to worthless for an on the go young professional who hits sbux every morning for his coffee. Isn't that their target demographic though. I hate it when marketing people get their way driving form over function. Usually sbux management is good at optimizing both, but their vice president of cups is an idiot.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

this morning was absolutely wonderful....thanks to the fact that i slept all the way through it. had to go to work today for several hours, this GA position sucks, i put in 24 hours this week, i'm supposed to be working 10 hours a week, and im not payed hourly.

the long hours wouldnt be so bad except the work is absolutely mind numbingly boring. i'm supposed to write an introduction for the prof's book tonight, but i've got a hunting test tomorrow early in the morning and i just cant stay up late to do it. i'll have to fit it in tomorrow

Thursday, September 25, 2003

set my alarm for 7:15 woke up at 6:57 said to myself nice I can sleep another 15 mintues.....woke up panicked looked at the clock it was 11:19.......appherently i was so tired from sleeping liek 5 hours a night that i just slept through my alarm going off (it goes off for an hour than shuts itself off)

well that was just great since i was supposed to be at work from 11-1 and i had a test at 2. id been planning on studying in the morning and getting some work done as well. fortunately my finance exam actually involved solving problems and i had no problems even without prepping for it

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